Posted by: Tori Wong | 18th Apr, 2010

Unbelizeable family vacation!

My family came to visit over Spring break (1st week of April)! We spent 3 days in Cayo together and I had SO much fun showing them all around San Ignacio, and what I’ve called “home” for the past 4 months. It was great! They met everybody, ate at all my favorite restaurants (Hannah’s, Martha’s, Erva’s and the nameless fast food stand next to Hannah’s), walked across the rope bridge at Branch Mouth (where we go swimming all the time), went swimming at Bullet Tree (just another part of the same river), toured Galen and met Rhondine!

Alex, Tyer and me on the rope bridge at Branch Mouth. It was (amazingly) kind of cold to go swimming, but we normally jump off the bridge into the water less than 10 feet below.

Dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in town, Ko-ok Han-nah (we all just call it Hannah’s).

I would almost like to leave this picture caption-less to let everyone use their imagination to decide what exactly is going on here, but the explanation is just as funny. There was a big open field surrounded by palm trees behind my family’s cabin (where they were staying at Wind Hill). One day, I walked out to find Tyler and Alex collecting coconuts in the field, then the three of us spent a good 45 minutes smashing dead coconuts on this rock…

I guess the theme of the week was “fun with coconuts.” Dad and a coconut boat at Bullet Tree.

Sunset drive on the Western Highway!

Then on Thursday, we all went to San Pedro (a town on Ambergris Caye, an island off the northern coast of Belize) together for Easter! San Pedro was much more touristy than I had expected, but it was really nice to have an actual family vacation in a beautiful place away from everything that I had gotten so used to. When we arrived on Thursday, we checked into “the Phoenix”, and spent the rest of the afternoon exploring and working on our tans by the “infinity pool” (so COOL!).

There were hardly any “real” cars on the island, only golf carts.

Sailboats right outside our hotel.

The roof of the Phoenix!

On Friday, Tyler, Alex, and I (along with Ninfa and Alison, 2 of my friends from Cayo) went snorkeling at “Hol Chan Marine Reserve” and “Shark Ray Alley.” I’m a bit bummed that I didn’t think to get an underwater camera, because this trip was AMAZING; it was equally as cool as my oceanography trip to Southwater. Our guide, Alfonse was GREAT; he was totally passionate about the ocean and about sharing all the marine life with us! Some of the highlights of the snorkeling trip: swimming 2 feet over sea turtles, and next to parrotfish, moray eels, colorful coral, a 30 foot drop off (that made me feel like I was in finding nemo…), holding a stingray “like a pizza,” and “carrying” a nurse shark (carrying in quotes, because it actually carried me! Alfonse helped me wrap my arm around the pectoral fins, then he said, “just let her swim where she wants to go!”). It was an amazing afternoon, to say the least.

Saturday, Dad and Tyler went deep-sea fishing, and TYLER caught a BARRACUDA! end. Then we had a wong-family cooking party and invited a bunch of my friends over to feast and watch the NCAA championships!

eeeeek barracuda.


sounds like you guys had a great visit! i loved the “fun with coconuts.” HA!!

That last image is an awesome shot of a Barracuda’s mouth, how cool this whole experience seems while reading it from afar.