Posted by: Tori Wong | 25th Apr, 2010

One last week in Belize…

Say what?!

I’ve been putting off writing this post for quite a while because I just don’t even know what to say to express the mix of feelings I’m experiencing right now. I leave the Belize City Airport 2:00pm on Sunday, May 2nd and get into DC early (like 1am…) Monday morning (I have a MAD layover in Miami.) I’m definitely ready to be back and to see everyone I miss so much, but I’m not by any means ready to leave this place that four months ago seemed like the exact opposite of home. I have been touched, amazed, and incredibly grateful for the kindness of everyone I have met here, and can’t imagine getting on a plane in exactly one week to leave this new home and new life I have built in Belize.

That being said, I am going to live this last week to the fullest (or as full as it can get with a jam-packed final exam schedule) and “go out with a bang,” so to speak.

Friday I had 2 major presentations: The first for my Applications of Sustainable Development course to present on my semester teaching environmental education at St. Barnabas. The second was for Horizon 2030, a consultation program that has kind of bombarded the country in the past few weeks (as in everyone is talking about it) and aims to create a framework for where the country should be in 20 years by sending representatives around the country to “listen” to what the people think. I was required to present my “vision” on solid waste management for my environmental economics course, but I honestly felt a bit uncomfortable because I felt that since I’m only going to be here a total of 4 months, it’s not my place to tell the government what they should be doing for this country. I haven’t lived through the history, and while I have every intention of returning to Belize, I don’t know how much of the future I will be involved in. After sitting through some of the other 2030 presentations, I think the other international students and many of the Belizeans in the audience agree. Anyway, both the presentations went smoothly, and it’s nice to know that the only school work I have left are 3 cumulative finals on Monday and Wednesday of next week.

The greatest project partners I ever could have asked for; Tommy, Tony, Hannah. I’m going to miss them more than they will ever know.

After my presentations, I went to Branch Mouth, the swing bridge over the Macal River with Lauren, Kate, Ashton and Eddie. Hopefully that won’t be my last trip to the bridge, but it very well might be…I’m going to miss being able to just walk to such a cool place whenever I want.

Branch Mouth!

On Saturday, we went to our very last Saturday market (!!!) I remember our first trip to the market like it was yesterday, and here I am, 4 months later, eating my last pupusa and saying goodbye to Christopher (aka. the Peanut butter man) and his 10-year-old brainiac of a daughter, Jasmine, who I have become so close with in what I previously would have considered a short period of time.

Our favorite pupusa stand at the Saturday Cayo Market.

PUPUSAS-thick corn tortillas stuffed with cheese and beans!

I’m going to stay busy this week with finals, goodbyes and last minute adventures around Cayo, but I’ll try to keep you posted and I will be back to the states in ONE WEEK.

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