Posted by: Tori Wong | 27th Apr, 2010

Do you know Jose Mario Esquivel?

On Friday when we were swimming at branch mouth, I jumped off the bridge and was swimming to the shore when I sliced my foot open on something in the mud, I cursed then looked to see what the culprit was, searching for a rock or a broken bottle. What i found was a Belize Social Security ID card for a guy named JOSE MARIO ESQUIVEL! He was born July 20th 1985, and the card (that has been safely tucked away in my backpack since Friday) doesn’t expire until 2019! I have made it my goal, much like capturing a dinosaur, to find this Jose Esquivel and return his card to him before I leave in 5 days. I’ve been asking everyone I know if they know him/his family. I know this country is small enough that SOMEONE will recognize him, I just know it!

Everyone I’ve asked has had a different opinion on the lost ID; I’ve heard everything from “He’s probably an escaped convict who was being chased by the cops and threw his card over the bridge so they wouldn’t be able to identify him!” to “It must be fate for you to find this guy, fall in love, and get married!” Overactive imaginations…but I AM excited for this last adventure in Belize! So much for finals…I’m going to go find Jose Mario Esquivel!


This sounds like the beginning of a movie….

you’re on you way home right NOW. i can’t believe it. i am so sorry i will be incapacitated for your initial return, but i REALLY want to see you/hear about your adventures first-hand asap!