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I love, love, love getting letters and writing them too! I have already written down a lot of addresses to take with me, but if you comment with your address (or send it to me at I will send you a postcard as soon as I make it to San Ignacio! Here’s my address in Belize:

Tori Wong

c/o Galen University

P.O. Box 177

San Ignacio, Cayo District

Belize, C.A.


Hi Tori
We have been wondering about you. All I want to know is …does your mother know what your doing?!!! Our Tori… swimming in rivers and caves, seeing dead snakes with poison bleeding out, BIG bugs and alone in another country! You have come a long way baby 🙂 I am so happy for you and love reading you adventures. What a great experience. I agree, don’t cut down the big trees for resorts. At least build around them.

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