Posted by: Tori Wong | 26th Mar, 2010

La Ruta Maya (as seen by non-paddlers)!

Okay, 2 weeks late, but as promised: photos from La Ruta Maya!

DAT Team! DAT (Creole for “that”) used to stand for our team’s initials (Danielle, Alyssa, Tori), but then Eric replaced Danielle at the last minute and we technically should have been EAT…but we were already registered, so we just stuck to DAT team, calling Eric “Dude” all weekend.

Downtown San Ignacio at the start of day one. I have NEVER seen so many people in San Ignacio! The bridge everyone is standing on was 1,000 feet from the start; the first team to reach the bridge received a cash prize! But because 100 boats all tried to squeeze under it at the same time, many boats flipped right away. There were kids swimming by the bank, waiting for people to flip so they could grab then unfortunate team’s gatorade and candy bars for a snack later in the race!

The start of day one! This photo was taken by Hannah Aitken (my Environmental Education teaching partner!) from the steel Hawksworth bridge that we cross every morning to get to school.

The start of day 2. I’m in the yellow boat on the right(ish) side with “Big Rock” taped to the stern. They called us “big rock” because we “paddle that boat like you paddle a big rock!” haha. Other interesting cheers included “Go Gringos! GO!” and “Only 156 miles to go girls! Lets go! Lets go!”

The start of day 2-if only it stayed this cool and misty all day…

The Safety boat! Throughout the race, we would go on these 3-4 hour stretches without seeing another human being or boat, then we would finally turn a bend to see this safety crew cheering us on and checking to make sure we were still alive and sane. The first day we found them, we literally screamed out with joy.

DAT Team at the end of day 3! Almost there! (Me, Alyssa, Eric)

Just crossed the finish line! 180 miles and the craziest experience of my 20 year old life-done.


We enjoyed the photos of La Ruta Maya – what an un-Belize-able experience! Can’t wait to have you show us around Belize in person!! We love you!

Oh my gosh!! Girl you’re crazy. And so awesome. Miss youu!